'Ello there, I'm Erica.

Pleased to make your internet acquaintance. Lover of cats, typewriters, and all things internet. A current Sales Engineer, former Front End Developer, and sometimes writer, this is my little website.

SE: What I Do

I listen to customer painpoints and map them (if applicable) to company solutions. It's challenging to know when to walk away, when to bend and scope a custom solution, and rewarding when the painpoints map directly back to the off-the-shelf product. In an ever-evolving industry with new buzzwords everyday, I love working in a cross-departmental role, communicating between sales, marketing, product and R&D.


FE: My Past & Me Today

A former Front End developer on an XLST stack, I pay attention to detail and appreciate trying to find where a variable actually executes. Overall, however, my motto: Laugh above all; loyal to a fault. I don't take myself too seriously, but I'm still committed and passionate about my job, the people I work with, and the technology that powers our solutions. At work I can be in front of customers walking through a platform demo, filling in cells on an RFP spreadsheet, or creating a custom code example of a platform powered use case on a prospect website. Outside of the office I can be found enjoying craft cocktails, checking out some random band at an intimate venue, or as you might imagine, cuddling with my cats or yes, even sometimes typing a letter on one of my typewriters.


Sometimes Writer

I used to fancy myself a perceptive one and tried my hand at writing. The creative juices strike every so often. Check out some short stories and poems here. Otherwise, I quite enjoy snapping photos, but currently only seem to do that on Instagram.


Say Hello.

I'd love to hear from you, whether you are a cat person or not.